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South Park.- Say Something by yusunaby South Park.- Say Something :iconyusunaby:yusunaby 66 7 Angstyyy by arrival-layne Angstyyy :iconarrival-layne:arrival-layne 149 17
Share (Sam Winchester X Reader)
Author's Note: I wrote a short, super cliché thing and I'm pretty sure that I've written this same story before, multiple times, but I just love sleepiness and cuddles ahhh sorry  ;w;
You groaned, untangling yourself from your blankets and rolling out of bed. You grabbed the spare room key that Sam and Dean had given you, sliding it into the lock that connected your room to theirs and quietly entering the room.
You tiptoed quietly around the room, trying to see if they had any spare blankets or sweaters or just something to keep you warm. The heater in your own motel room was busted, and you didn’t want to bother the manager of the dingy motel, who when you had checked in earlier, looked absolutely exhausted.
You peered in the closet, frowning when you saw that it was bare except for both Sam and Dean’s duffle bags. You wanted to look inside them to see if they had any sweatshirts or even a long sleeve t-shirt, anything to fight the cold that was seeping in
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 502 77
Tate Langdon X Reader - To Harm The One I Love
“Oh, c’mon Tate!” You whined, looping your arm with his as you walked beside him up the path to the school gates. “It’s not that bad!” You beamed, always in a good mood.
“It’s hell here, [Y/N].” He replied, eyes dead with dark bags under them.
“Just because you make it hell for yourself! Anyway, what class do you have before lunch?” He told you he was skipping most of his lessons today anyways, you huffed and puffed out your cheeks- ready to have a go at him, but the bell cut you off.
“Alrighty, Mister sulky-pants, I’ll meet you at my locker then.” He nodded and watched you scamper off to class, smiling slightly as he watched you bob and weave through the crowd so you wouldn’t be late to class.
He skipped his first lesson, attended the second, and skipped the last one before lunch. He did as you asked him and waited by your locker, hands jammed into his jeans pockets and head low to ignore the sta
:iconoperationstabthecake:OperationStabTheCake 70 0
Random Billford by lewy-ko Random Billford :iconlewy-ko:lewy-ko 38 15 GF: It wears a tophat by loveHinaSasu GF: It wears a tophat :iconlovehinasasu:loveHinaSasu 294 58 Breakfast Table by reddobastard Breakfast Table :iconreddobastard:reddobastard 139 21 Afternoon nap. by reddobastard Afternoon nap. :iconreddobastard:reddobastard 147 26
James March x Reader (AHS)
James March x Reader (AHS)
"This hotel is just beautiful. Is there where I check in?" (Y/n) asked as she walked up to the front desk, setting her suitcase on the ground.
"This is the place. I'll take you to your room." Liz said as she stepped out from behind the counter, leading the girl to the elevator. "What are you in town for, acting? That's the answer I usually get."
She shook her head, smiling as they exited the elevator. "I'm here because I kind of got kicked out at home. I needed a place to stay, and I've always wanted to stay here."
"A pretty young thing like you needs a place to stay? Well, let us know if you need anything." Liz smiled as she handed her the key, walking away.
(Y/n) gave her a soft smile before opening the door and setting her stuff down inside. She walked around the room, looking around for only a little bit before there was a knock at the door.
"Hello?" She asked as she opened the door, looking around the hall; only finding a small envelope on the floor
:iconemitheduck:Emitheduck 31 2
Erik X Reader
Erik x Reader
"What happened to you? You look awful." Erik told (Y/n) asked she walked into the living room, sitting down in the chair next to him.
"I've been working, that's the problem." She told him, running a hand though her hair. "And before you start, I know you don't like my job, but I need the money."
Erik sighed deeply, pinching the bridge of his nose. "I don't like it because you're a prostitute."
She shook her head, a slight blush on her cheeks. "I'm not a prostitute! I'm a stripper, there's a difference!"
"You're still dancing around men, wearing almost nothing, and getting money for doing it. I consider it prostitution." He said as he glared at her. "What would your bother say?"
"You know that Charles can't stop me." She smiled as she stood up. "And trust me, my brother and I have the same powers and I know you've been dying to go to my show."
He hid his blush well, turning away from her. "You can think whatever you want."
She sighed. "Erik, you know it bothers m
:iconemitheduck:Emitheduck 25 0
Charles X Reader
Charles x Reader
{A/n: some triggers in here}
"You need to help me!" (Y/n) cried, looking at her boyfriend who just sat on the couch. "I'm telling you something's not right and you're just sitting there like an idiot! I can hear everything that everyone is thinking, and I haven't slept in weeks!"
"Nothing's wrong, you're just being dramatic. Now stop crying and sit back down!" He yelled, raising his hand and slapping her across the face; walking out of the room and slamming the door behind him.
If anyone's out there please help me She thought as she held her cheek in pain, tears running down her cheeks as she held her knees to her chest.
It seemed like an act of God; the doorbell ringing and she quickly answered it, a police man at her doorstep. "Miss, is it just you living here?"
"It's me and my boyfriend officer." She told him, rubbing her eyes quickly to dry away the tears. "Can I help you?"
"We have a warrant for his arrest, and we ask if you please would wait outside."
:iconemitheduck:Emitheduck 34 0
Jace X Warlock!Reader (2)
Jace x Warlock!Reader (2)
"Do you really want to meet them?" Jace asked as he looked down at her, smiling slightly.
She nodded, smiling up at him. "I really want to. They're important people in your life, and I think they should know me too."
Jace sighed and gently pushed her hair behind her ear. "Did I ever tell you I love your hair?"
"You've told me at least a million times." (Y/n) giggled, kissing his cheek. "Okay, now lets get this over with."
The two walked into the institute and were instantly met with Isabelle. "There you two are! We were worried you weren't gonna come!" She smiled, giving both of them a large hug.
"Trust me, I tried." Jace mumbled, causing (Y/n) to slap his arm.
"I'm (Y/n). I know we kind of met before, but I think that this is a proper meeting." (Y/n) smiled at Isabelle, clearly shocked that Isabelle had given her a hug right away.
Isabelle nodded, a huge smile still on her face. "That's true! But Alec is upstairs and has been wanting to talk to you guys. Let'
:iconemitheduck:Emitheduck 8 0
The Miracles of Manhood by Sirilu The Miracles of Manhood :iconsirilu:Sirilu 258 23 Shiny and Special by Sirilu Shiny and Special :iconsirilu:Sirilu 600 99 Cosmopolitan Curiosity by Sirilu Cosmopolitan Curiosity :iconsirilu:Sirilu 521 84 Kings of New Jersey by itsaaudra Kings of New Jersey :iconitsaaudra:itsaaudra 189 24


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